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Hotel California ( The Greatest Hits)

The Final Countdown ( The Final Countdown)

Purple Rain ( Purple Rain)

Back In Black ( Back In Black)

18 And Life ( Skid Row)

Fade To Black ( Ride The Lightning)

Balls To The Wall ( Balls To The Wall)

April Sky ( Time Odyssey)

More Than Words ( Pornograffiti)

Welcome To The Jungle ( Appetite For Destruction)

Bad Company ( Anthology)

Beautiful Day ( All That You Can't Leave Behind)

Monkey Business ( Slave To The Grind)

Evil Ways ( The Best Of Santana)

Every Day I Have The Blues ( Greatest Hits)


Complete Scores ( The Beatles)

1962 - 1970 ( The Beatles)

King Of The Blues ( B.B. King)

The Greatest Hits ( Eagles)

Complete Clapton ( Eric Clapton)

The Complete ( Elvis Presley)

The Definitive Collection (S - Y) ( The Who)

Rock Guitar Bible ( Guitar Bible)

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